Hi, I'm Angela

I'm a designer and developer. I believe that good design not only looks good but enhances experiences, solves problems and makes the world a happier place, or at least a less frustrating one.

I'm not a full-stack developer (except when it comes to pancakes), but give me anything client-side and I can figure it out. And yes, I made those pancakes.

Languages I speak: HTML, CSS, Sass, jQuery, Handlebars, and conversational Chinese. Familiar with Drupal, Wordpress, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

See my work

Indigo Ag Crop Icons

Icons representing new products provided by Indigo Ag. Designed in a style to convey innovation and cutting-edge technology as well as the human connection. Created while at Breyta for Indigo Ag. Posted here by permission.

ASUCD Office of City and County Affairs Logo

Logo in a style similar to the University of California seal which incorporates abstracted symbols of the city of Davis and UC Davis: the water tower and bicycles

Creative Media Promotional Poster

Visual pun on "creative juices"

Indiana University Postcard

Postcard featuring the Rosewell House during winter at Indiana University, Bloomington

Cellist Business Card

Watercolor and negative space to create a professional and artistic business card for a musician and instructor

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Guide

Guide for those getting wisdom teeth out and proper care after the surgery

Calendar Photo

Visual exploration of the concept of grids and calendars as a constraint of time

Tahoe Painting

Acrylic painting of a photograph by Kevin Schelp

Hello Kitty Juice Commercial

Animated Japanese commercial for a fictional juice. Created in After Effects

Let's chat

Contact me at angliao@gmail.com

And if you're wondering, my last name rhymes with "meow."